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Dr. Glenn Cahn is a psychological and neuropsychological assessment specialist.

Psychological testing is a way to quickly determine the nature and extent of problems that a person may be having. Neuropsychological assessments are meant to offer ways to help the person function better. The types of problems that may benefit from psychological testing are as diverse in nature as people are.

Some concerns that are common to many people include:

  • Academic difficulties during the school years
  • Immature, or less than effective social and emotional development in children as well as adults
  • Ineffective or counterproductive coping methods, such as alcohol or drug abuse, depression, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed
  • Sometimes we may not fully recognize that our functioning has deteriorated, but others in our lives may suspect it. Examples of this might include dementia, or illnesses and injuries, that have caused subtle brain impairment.

About Dr. Glenn Cahn

Dr. Cahn, through psychological testing, has assessed numerous individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), learning disability, dementia, Alzheimer's, and brain injury among other problems. One of the benefits of a thorough assessment is to look for and sometimes find other problems that have not yet been recognized. He therefore believes that in order to obtain proper treatment it is important to start with the correct diagnosis.

Dr. Cahn is licensed in psychology to provide service to North Carolina. Most psychological assessments are completed in a single session, which typically ranges from 2 - 3 hours. His office is located in Wilmington.

Dr. Cahn conducts both psychological testing and neuropsychological assessments, on individuals from the age of 6 years on up.